Houses for sale Financed by owner with IFCL Owner Financing Seller Financing

IFCL Property financing allows just about anyone the opportunity to purchase a home or real estate investment property in Detroit and no bank pre-qualification necessary. 

No bank pre-qualification loans in Michigan offered by IFCL means no credit check is required

What our owner financed homes in Michigan is all about!?

Have you ever seen any of the below-listed terms in real estate ads or homes for sale ads???

  • Michigan homes for sale by owner
  • Michigan homes for sale with Seller Financing
  • Rent to Own homes in Michigan

How owner financing homes for sale is possible.

All of IFCL Michigan homes for sale and Michigan Investment properties are owned by the company. When the company owns the property – the company gets to decide how it wants to sell the property and what terms it wants to offer to its clients. Our for sale by owner and owner-financing approaches take out the middle-man and allow you to deal directly with the owner rather than a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, the bank, and finally the owner.