Frequently Asked Questions

What is Token?

A token is a unit that exists on an existing blockchain. Tokens have prices and are tradable. Examples of tokens are Tether (USDT) and DAIThe major difference between tokens and cryptocurrencies is that cryptocurrencies have their own separate blockchain. For example, Ether is the cryptocurrency for the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Tokenization?
Tokenization is the process of transformation of asset accounting and management in which ownership of each asset is represented as a digital token. The essence of tokenization is to create digital accounting systems for real-world values in order to record and process transactions reliably.
Tokenization implies creation of a comprehensive expandable infrastructure, where assets are exchanged and transferred securely, and audit is performed in real time; operating costs of such a system and the overall time to market are significantly reduced.

What is Real Estate Tokenization?
Real estate tokenization is the process of creating a digital asset that represents a single property or a portfolio of properties on a blockchain-based system.
That’s the future a number of initial coin offering (ICO) issuers envision, one in which tokenized pieces of the property could be tracked and traded via a shared database. In this way, the tokens would allow for what entrepreneurs are calling “fractional ownership,” or the ability for a real estate owner to split up their home and sell off equity stakes.
Not only would this allow a homeowner to sell some of the home’s equity should they need extra money, but it would also allow the equity to be freely traded until, one day, the home was sold, at which point the homeowner and equity owner could both enjoy any gain in the home’s value.

Do you buy properties?
Yes we buy properties in all 50 states in any condition, even if they have a mortgage and the mortgage owner is in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure.

Do you sell properties?
Yes we sell properties without credit check on lease w/ option to buy. Just complete the buyers list and when a property becomes available we will contact you.