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Overall solutions for real estate investors and property owners

If you are a real estate investor and/or property owner we have solutions that can help you! 

Take a look at our services and you will see that we are a one of a kind service based company offering real solutions to individuals, companies and the like that need real deal solutions as it relates to real estate, whether commercial or residential.

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Discover how you can sell your house through any situation including

  • Your behind in payments or even in foreclosure
  • You are behind on your properties taxes
  • Your property needs extensive repairs
  • You have inherited a property that you do not want
  • You don't have enough equity to cover cost of selling
  • Your property is worth less than what you owe
  • You have already moved out or soon to move
  • Your property is occupied by non-paying tenants
  • You need to sell the property very fast and need cash
  • You are making double payments on 2 different homes

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Buying Real Estate With Your IRA

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The Company:

Imani Family Capital Limited

UK Company that operates through it's management team.

A1 Bonding Co-Operative, a Wisconsin Co-Op

IME Capital Trust, LLC, a Delaware Company

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Imani Family Capital Limited
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D-U-N-S No. 

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Management Team: 
A1 Bonding Co-Operative & IME Capital Trust, LLC
Phone: (413) 655-1718 or (980) 785-7396